Writers Guide

#LeadWithGiants Writers Guide

As a writer for #LeadWithGiants you are part of an elite group of thought leaders and leadership sherpas.  Just as the Sherpas of Tibet guide mountain climbers up Everest, our writers guide leaders to new heights.

Since our focus is on quality content that helps leaders become better leaders, please follow the following guidelines when submitting your posts for publication.


  • You will recognized as a thought leader and leadership sherpa in the #LeadWithGiants Community and across Social Media
  • Your posts will be distributed to the distribution list of LeadWithGiants.com
  • Your posts will also be shareable in the #LeadWithGiants Community across Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google Plus.


  • Leadership
  • Life-Lessons
  • Personal Development


  • Each writer will be assigned a post due date of at least once per month.
  • If you would like to write more often than once per month please let us know.
  • You will be notified of the publication date after your article has been reviewed.


  • All posts must be fresh, original content, which means the content has never been published before on your blog or anywhere else. (Google punishes duplicate content.)
  • Posts should be between 400-1800 words.
  • #LeadWithGiants reserves the right to make edits for clarity, spelling, and formatting.

Graphics and Images:

  • You must submit at least 2 royalty free images: (1) A square featured image approximately 200×200; (2) A larger in-post image.

Republishing Your Post

  • You must wait at least two weeks before republishing your post on any other site (not recommended), and must link back to your original post here with a credit to LeadWithGiants.com

 Expectations / Engagement:

  • Promote your post to all your social media accounts: Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and Facebook. Be sure to use the #LeadWithGiants hashtag
  • Be sure to promptly respond to comments on your blog post.
  • Also respond to comments on your post in the #LeadWithGiants Community on Google Plus, LinkedIn, and Facebook.
  • Share the posts of your fellow writers

 If you have questions, please use the “contact us” form found in the footer.