A Lead With Giants Google+ Hangout on Air

Tal Shnall – Producer

We are excited about your being a guest of an upcoming #LeadWithGiantsTV Show using a Google+ Hangout on Air. It will be a lot of fun and a great learning experience for us all.

A Hangout On Air streams live over YouTube and then is uploaded on YouTube as a sharable video. Once the video is posted to the LeadWithGiantsTV Channel on YouTube, you are free to embed it into your website and/or share it across your networks.


1. If I’m new to Google Plus Hangouts On Air what do I need to know? Review these important 10 Google Plus Hangout Tips

2. What is Lead With Giants?
The Vision of the Lead with Giants Community is to create a movement of 10,000 leaders who pledge to be Uplifting Leaders. Our Mission is helping leaders become better leaders. We do that by connecting, engaging, serving, learning, and leading one another. Our Community spans Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, and Facebook and currently has over 1,000 members.

3. What is #LeadWithGiantsTV?
We use Google Hangouts on Air too add value to our community by interviewing leadership authors, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and speakers. The interview benefits our guests by helping them spread their message.

4. What is the show’s format?
In one session we record two live segments of 12-14 minutes with a panel of 2-4 people engaging in a conversation about a specific topic.

5. What happens the day of the show? 
You will get an email invitation link about 20 minutes prior to going live by which you can join the Google Hangout on Air. Click the link to enter what we call the “Green Room” (before we go live) to handle all the techie stuff. Make sure you use the Google Chrome browser. 

6. What happens to the Video?
The video goes directly to the #LeadWithGiantsTV Youtube channel. Once the show is over, people can watch it at their leisure.

7. Can I have a copy of the video?
Yes. Copy and paste the address bar from our Youtube videos. You can also download it as mp4.

8. Where should I send a copy of my book, if I’m an author?  Sending your book in advance of the show is great way to enhance the interview and help promote the book.  Please send a book to Tal Shnall, Producer,  5990 Arapaho Rd 11D, Dallas, TX 75248, and to Dan Forbes, Founder, 6416 Rookery Circle, Bradenton, FL 34203.