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You are invited to join the #LeadWithGiants Tweetchat exclusively on Twitter every Monday, 7:00pm Eastern Time (New York).

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January 2016

Jan 4 – Fresh Start with host @ZacharyJeans & @GianaConsulting

Jan 11 – Your Inner Critic with host @DanVForbes and 

Jan 18 – Leading the Generations  @DanVForbes  and @mgrosstaylor

Jan 25 – Leadership: Theory VS Practice with host @ZacharyJeans

February 2016

Feb 1 – Leading Innovation with host @ZacharyJeans and @WBCG_Ruth

Feb 8 – Your Ideal Day with host @DanVForbes and @djgreer

Feb 15 – What if…? with host @DanVForbes and 

Feb 22 – FAST for Leaders with host @DanVForbes and author @GordonTredgold

Feb 29 – From Vision to Reality with host @ZacharyJeans & @jenniferwarawa

March 2016

Mar 7 – Personal Mastery with host @ZacharyJeans & @Raphaeleads

Mar 14 – Relationship Capital with host @DanVForbes and guest @ronmci

Mar 21 – Leading Small VS Big Orgs with host @DanVForbes and guest 

Mar 28 – Reaching back to bring others forward with host @ZacharyJeans with guest @officerenegade

April 2016

Apr 4 – Leading Without Losing Your Soul with host @ZacharyJeans and author @DavidMDye

Apr 11 Leadership and Ego with host @DanVForbes and @marksalke @milandobrota

Apr 18 – Communicate Like A Leader with host @DanVForbes and 

Apr 25 – Leading With Great Presentations with host @ZacharyJeans and @teresagross625

May 2016

May 2 – with host @ZacharyJeans and @LouisColumbus

May 9 – What If We Disagree? with host @DanVForbes and @GianaConsulting

May 16 – The Beef With Authenticity with host @DanVForbes and guest @culturehustler

May 23 – Outside Your Comfort Zone with host @DanVForbes and guest @JKatzaman

May 30 – Memorial Day in the United States. No tweetchat.

June 2016

Jun 6 – Commit To Win with host @BethTabak and guest @HeidiReeder

Jun 13 – Doing It All Yourself with host @DanVForbes and guest @djgreer

Jun 20 – Top Performers with hosts  @IvaIgnjatovic @marksalke

Jun 27 – Leaders With Gravitas with host @danicaworthy

July 2016

Jul 4 – Independence Day in the United States. No tweetchat. Let’s all celebrate.

Jul 11 – Be a Rebel with host @DanVForbes and guest @JackieYunTweets

Jul 18 – Rising Above the Muck with host @DanVForbes and guest @chargerrific 

Jul 25 – Beating The Battle Of Busy-ness with host @ZacharyJeans and guest @mandyjohnsonoz

August 2016

Aug 1 – The Value Of Vision with host @ZacharyJeans

Aug 8 – Coaching For Success with host @DanVForbes and 

Aug 15 – Leading From The Middle with host @DanVForbes and @jkatzaman

Aug 22 – Becoming a Winning Teammate with host @DanVForbes and @leadyourteam

Aug 29 – “Why Leadership Begins With: Try” with host @ZacharyJeans and guest @JSonSalesforce

September 2016

Sept 5 – No Chat Today. It’s LABOR DAY in the U.S.

Sept 12 – What Leaders Do With Ideas with host @DanVForbes and guests @marksalke and @teresagross625

Sept 19 – FINAL #LeadWithGiants Tweetchat with host @DanVForbes





January 2015

Jan 5 – “Leadership Communication” with host @ZacharyJeans

Jan 12 – EI in the Workplace with host @DanVForbes and guest @CBechervaise

Jan 19 – The Future of Leadership with host@DanVForbes & guest@leadingincontxt (Linda Fisher Thornton)

Jan 26 – Grow Your Culture with host @DanVForbes and guest 

February 2015

Feb 2 – “Leadership Education” with host @ZacharyJeans & guest @ClaireSMBB

Feb 9 – Workplace Optimism with host @DanVForbes and @TheShawnMurphy

Feb 16 – Volunteers and Valentines with host @DanVForbes and co-host @EmmaJSanta

Feb 23 – Success and Happiness with host @DanVForbes and guest 

March 2015

Mar 2 – Bad Leadership with host @ZacharyJeans and guest @Mark_Wager

Mar 9 – Others-Centered Leadership with host @DanVForbes and guest @fritzmt

Mar 16 – Leadership and Stress with host @DanVForbes and guest @metrony

Mar 23 – The Leadership Art of Mentorship with host @DanVForbes and guest 

Mar 30 – Collaborative Leadership with host @DanVForbes and guest 

April 2015

Apr 6 – Leadership in Education with host @ZacharyJeans and guest @EduInspirations 

Apr 13 – Virtual Leadership with host @DanVForbes and guest @tshroyer2

Apr 20 – Transparent Leadership with host @DanVForbes and guest 

Apr 27 – Dealing With Conflict with host @DanVForbes and guest 

May 2015

May 4 – Leading through Giving Back with host @ZacharyJeans and @JM_Grants 

May 11 – Leader VS Boss with host @DanVForbes and 

May 18 – Pay It Forward with host @DanVForbes and guest @meaghanSV

May 25 – Slow Down To Speed Up with host @DanVForbes and guest @djgreer

June 2015

Jun 1 – Role Centered Leadership with host @ZacharyJeans and @MarkSalke

Jun 8 – Self Leadership with host @DanVForbes and  @mark_wager

Jun 15 – Engaging Leaders with host @DanVForbes and @mandyjohnsonoz

Jun 22 – Are Soft-Skills Overrated? with host @DanVForbes and @ronmci

Jun 29 – Emotional and Social Intelligence with host @DanVForbes and 

July 2015

Jul 6 – Leading With Liberty with host @ZacharyJeans

Jul 13 – Values Based Leadership with host @DanVForbes and guest @MarkSFernandes

Jul 20 – Leadership Confessions with host @DanVForbes and guest @RavenTolliver

Jul 27 – Leadership and Intuition with host @DanVForbes and guest 

August 2015

Aug 3 – Imperfect Leadership with host @ZacharyJeans and guest @SJAbbott 

Aug 10 – Leading Change with host @DanVForbes and guest David Hamman 

Aug 17 – Leading Difficult People with host @DanVForbes and guest 

Aug 24 – Peak Personal Performance with host @DanVForbes and guest @djgreer

Aug 31 – Introverted VS Extroverted Leader with host @DanVForbes and guest @VivHudson1

September 2015

Sept 7 – Leading and Mental Illness with host @ZacharyJeans and guest @Wondherful 

Sept 14 – Authentic Leadership with host @DanVForbes and @hennainam Author of Wired for Authenticity

Sept 21 – Entrepreneurial Leadership with host @DanVForbes and guest @JillPoulton

Sept 28 – Lead With Stories with host @DanVForbes and guest @CTrappe

October 2015

Oct 5 –  Leadership Transitions with host @ZacharyJeans and guest @Raven_Group

Oct 12 – Leading With Vulnerability with host @DanVForbes and guest @kmwoodman

Oct 19 – Metrics Madness with host@DanVForbes and guest @davidmdye

Oct – 26 – Energize The Workplace with host @DanVForbes and guest 

November 2015

Nov 2 – Finding Common Ground with host @ZacharyJeans & @SusanBorst

Nov 9 – CEO of You with host @DanVForbes and 

Nov 16 –  Adaptive Thinking with host @DanVForbes and 

Nov 23 – Leadership Ethics with host @DanVForbes and 

Nov 30 – Confidence VS Arrogance with host @DanVForbes and 

December 2015

Dec 7 – Leading After Failure with host @ZacharyJeans and @Metrony

Dec 14 – Women VS Men in Leadership with host @DanVForbes

Dec 21 –  No Tweetchat

Dec 28 – No Tweetchat




January 2014

Jan 6 – New Year Revolution with host @DanVForbes and co-host @DavidHain 

Jan 13- Decision Making with host @DanVForbes 

Jan 20- HR As Business Leader with host @DanVForbes and co-host @RonVillejo

Jan 27 – Developing New Leaders with host @DanVForbes and co-host Mark_Wager

February 2014

Feb 3 – Balancing Results and Relationships with host @DanVForbes and co-host @DavidMDye

Feb 10 – Leading and Loving with host @DanVForbes and co-host @BlairGlaser 

Feb 17 – Leadership and Fear with host @DanVForbes and co-host @FM_Aubin

Feb 24 – Strategy VS Culture with host @DanVForbes and co-host @_bpr_  (Brian Rensing)


March 2014


Mar 10 – Leadership Styles with host @DanVForbes and co-host @PanteliT

Mar 17 – The Power of Mentors with host @DanVForbes and co-host @JuneArcher 

Mar 24 – Follow The Leader with host @DanVForbes and co-host @RigginsConst

Mar 31 – Maximizing Growth with host @DanVForbes and co-host @BethTabak

April 2014

Apr 7 – Leadership And Accountability with host @DanVForbes and co-host @Answersareus 

Apr 14 – Integrity and Leadership with host @DanVForbes and co-host @BuickLa 

Apr 21 – Against All Odds with host @DanVForbes and co-host Hoda Maalouf @MaaHoda

Apr 28 – Leadership And Conflict with host @DanVForbes and co-host Mark_Wager

May 2014 

May 5 – Leadership And Respect with host @DanVForbes and cho-host @FM_Aubin

May 12 – Values And Leadership with host @DanVForbes and co-host Ruth Schwartz @highperformance

May 19 – The Resilient Leader with host @DanVForbes and co-host @tshroyer2

May 26 – Memorial Day with host @DanVForbes and co-host@ChrisRStricklin ,
Colonel, USAF

June 2014 

June 2 – Manage Up with host @DanVForbes and co-host @iSocial_Fanz 

June 9 – Virtual Leadership with host @DanVForbes and co-host @EmmaJSanta

June 16- Authentic Leadership with host @DanVForbes & co-host @TonyAdams2002

June 23 – Strategic Leadership with host @DanVForbes & co-host @AmandaShares

June 30 – Servant Leadership with host @DanVForbes & co-host @JonathanKegler

July 2014 

July 7 –  Leading With Intuition with host @DanVForbes & guest @deirdre_od2012

July 14 – Preparing For Leadership with host @DanVForbes and guest-host @mooreconsortium

July 21 – Leading Gen Y with host @DanVForbes and cohost @4epicomm Elena Iacono

July 28 – Leadership and Career Development with host @DanVForbes and guest-host @CachetPrescott

Aug 2014 

Aug 4 –  Essentials of Leadership with host @DanVForbes and guest-host @BobVanourek

Aug 11 – Motivational Leadership with host @ZacharyJeans and guest-host @trifecta_coach Debbie Dickerson

Aug 18 – Balancing Leadership: Parental/Family/Community and Work with host @DanVForbes and guest @TranslationLady ·Lori Anding King

Aug 25 – Difficult Conversations with host @DanVForbes & guest @tomj_rhodes

Sept 2014

Sept 1 – Leading With Joy host @ZacharyJeans & guest @FCC_CIO, David Bray

Sept 8 – Ethical Leadership with host @DanVForbes & guest @leadingincontxt (Linda Fisher Thornton)

Sept 15 – Leadership Heroes with host @DanVForbes  guest @NancyCWalker (Nancy C. Walker)

Sept 22 – Women in Leadership with host @DanVForbes & guest @metrony (Michelle Held)

Sept 29 – Team Communication with host @DanVForbes & guest @leadbyadventure Will Ratliff

Oct 2014

Oct 6 – Leading On A Life-Line  with host @ZacharyJeans & guest Dr. @GiaSison

Oct 13 – Leading With Purpose with host @DanVForbes & guest @Fearless_Teach

Oct 20 – Leadership Envisioned host @ZacharyJeans & guest @GregGithens

Oct 27 – Creative Leadership with host @DanVForbes & guest @RavenTolliver

Nov 2014

Nov 3 – Leaders: Dare, Dream, & Do host @ZacharyJeans and guest @johnsonwhitney

Nov 10 – Social Leadership with host @DanVForbes and guests @MarkSBabbitt @tedcoine

Nov 17 – Leading Employees and Driving Engagement with host @DanVForbes and guest Stan Phelps of @9inchmarketing

Nov 24- Power of Gratitude with host @DanVForbes and guest-host @trifecta_coach Debbie Dickerson

Dec 2014

Dec 1 – host @ZacharyJeans

Dec 8 – Leading Change with host @DanVForbes and guest-host @missNicoleDB

Dec 15 – Leadership Innovation with @DanVForbes and guest-host @fritzmt

Dec 22 – The Gift of Leadership with @DanVForbes

Dec 29 – Rearview Mirror – with @DanVForbes and guest-host  



Our First Year Started in March 2013

March 4 – Inaugural Chat: The Secret of Leadership with host @DanVForbes
Can anyone become a leader? What’s the secret to becoming a great leader?

March 11 When Leaders Fall with host @DanVForbes
Even Leaders can fall from Grace. What’s the causes? What’s the effect? What next?

March 18 – Leadership and the Art of Struggle with host @DanVForbes and Co-host and author @Steven_J_Snyder Leadership and the Art of Struggle shatters leadership myths to reveal a new understanding of  how exceptional leaders grow from adversity.”

March 25 – Leadership, Consistency, and Trust with with host @DanVForbes and Co-host Barry Smith @BLDWhatMatters from BuildingWhatMatters.com . Based on the book The Trust Edge.

April 2013

April 1 – Inventing Future Leaders with host @DanVForbes and Co-host @JohnBossong

April 8 – What Makes A Great Leader? with Host @DanVForbes

April 15 – The Fearless Front Line with host @DanVForbes Co-host and author @RayAttiyah
The Fearless Front Line The Key to Liberating Leaders to Improve and Grow Their Business

April 22 – Authentic & Honest Leadership with host @DanVForbes Co-host and author Scott Weiss @ScottSpeakeasy DARE The Book.

April 29 – How to Get People to Think with  @DanVForbes and Co-host and Author @LDavidMarquet Turn the Ship Around

May 2013

May 6 – Leading Life Beyond Goals with host @DanVForbes co-host Bruno Coelho @BCoelho2000

May 13 – The Power of Reflection with host @DanVForbes and Co-host and author Daniel Forrester @DPForrester

May 20 – Toxic and Healthy Conflict with @DanVForbes and Co-host @TerriKlass

May 27 – Honoring Fallen Leaders/Heroes with @DanVForbes (Special Memorial Day Chat)

June 2013

June 3 – Leaders Open Doors with @DanVForbes and Co-host and author Bill Treasurer @btreasurer

June 10 – Managers as Mentors with @DanVForbes and Co-host and author @ChipRBell

June 17 – Can We Learn From Bad Leaders? with @DanVForbes and Co-host @StoshWalsh

June 24 – Start With WHY?  with @DanVForbes and Co-host @BldWhatMatters

July 2013

July 1 – Harnessing the Wisdom of the Body  @CoachTerriO Hosting

July 8 – Leading by Listening @ZacharyJeans Hosting

July 15- The Male Leadership Myth with host @DanVForbes and co-host Prof. Fernando Pargas @fpargas1

July 22 – Leadership & High Performance with host @DanVForbes Co-host @GauthierJohann  

July 29 – Leading Bad Employees with host @DanVForbes & Co-host @TheSmartChic

August 2013

Aug 5 –  Let Go, and Go With host @DanVForbes and co-host Dave Moore @mooreconsortium

Aug 12 – Uncovering Leadership Myths with host @DanVForbes and co-host Mark Sanborn @Mark_Sanborn

Aug 19 – Shaping The Future  with host @DanVForbes 

Aug 26 – Leadership and the Power of Relationships with host @DanVForbes and co-host Joseph Lalonde

September 2013

Sept 2 – (Labor Day) No Tweetchat – Enjoy a day of rest and relaxation

Sept 9 – Good to Great Leader with host @DanVForbes and co-host Tal Shnall @tshnall

Sept 16 – Stop Blaming Others with host @DanVForbes and co-host @LaRaeQuy

Sept 23 – From Diversity to Inclusion with host @DanVForbes and co-host @AlGonzalezinfo

Sept 30 – Give up Control with host @DanVForbes and co-host @briansmithpld

October 2013

Oct 7 – Leading With Trust with host @DanVForbes and co-host @RandyConley

Oct 14 – Leading The Disengaged with @DanVForbes and Co-host Jonathan Segal @Jonathan_HR_Law

Oct 21 – The Leader’s Journey with @DanVForbes

Oct 28 – Toxic Leadership with @DanVForbes

November 2013

Nov 4 – Working With Next Gen Leaders with host  @DanVForbes &
Co-host @VizwerxGroup

Nov 11 – Language of Leadership with host  @DanVForbes & Co-host @ShayMLawson

Nov 18 – Leading With Confidence with host @DanVForbes & Co-host @TheSmartChic

Nov 25 – Change Leadership with host @DanVForbes & Co-host @TehaniMott

December 2013

Dec 2 – Ego in Leadership with host @DanVForbes & Co-host @CBechervaise

Dec 9 – Authentic Leadership with host @DanVForbes & Co-host @mooreconsortium (Dave Moore)

Dec 16 – Leadership and Mission with host @DanVForbes and @DoughertyCarol

Dec 23 –  Leading By Giving with host @DanVForbes and co-host @ZacharyJeans

Dec 30 – Leadership Success in 2014 with host @DanVForbes