Chat FAQs

If you are new to the #LeadWithGiants TweetChat this information will be helpful.

1. What is a TweetChat?

By using a hashtag (#) people on Twitter can participate in a group discussion around a particular topic.  We use #leadwithgiants to discuss Leadership and Life-Lessons. By searching the hashtag you see only the Tweets of other who include it in their tweets.

2. Why participate in TweetChats?

TweetChats are a fun way to engage in a “conversation” on Twitter with scores of others around a particular topic, at the same time. They are unique in that, at first, it seems like everyone is talking at the same time. Soon you are jumping into the conversation and meeting new friends. TweetChats are a lot of fun.

3. How do I participate?

First of all, you will need a Twitter account.  Go to and sign-up.

I prefer to use the TweetDeck Chrome App as a chat tool. Click the photo below to see how I set up my columns.


Tweetdeck copy

Other options are: 

4. How does the #leadwithgiants chat work?

The Tweetchat happens every Monday at 7:00pm ET (New York). The chat finishes by 8:00pm.  Here’s some tips for having a fun experience.

  • Show up on time a let others know you have arrived by sending out a Tweet including the hashtag #leadwithgiants.  
  • The first few minutes will be spent allowing participants to welcome one another. Have fun by joining in. 
  • Each week the chat will be centered around a particular topic which is announced ahead of time. 
  • The host will announce the start of the Chat and will post a number of questions throughout the Chat.  The chat will focus on 8-10 questions around the announced topic with each question numbered like Q1, Q2, Q3 etc.  
  • This profile Tweets out the questions screenshot_289
  • When answering a question, start your tweet with A1, A2, A3 respectively.
  • If you strongly agree with someone else’s answer you can show it by “retweeting” it. Be sure to use the hashtag so others can see it.
  • You can also “reply” or “mention” others as well. It creates a discussion atmosphere.  Again, always use the hashtag.
  • Be sure to leave enough room in your tweets for others to retweet and/or comment.  This is important.
  • At the conclusion of the Chat you might want to extend your thanks to other participants with a final tweet.

 5. Are there any rules about TweetChat etiquette?

There are no hard and fast rules.  It’s simply a matter of being a considerate conversationalist.

  • Never argue or be rude.  This really doesn’t need to be said, does it?
  • Stay on topic.
  • Be friendly with other participants.
  • Welcome new participants and make them feel welcome.
  • Do NOT engage in self-promotion. 
  • Don’t cross-promote chats or communities without the permission of the hosts. For example, don’t invite members of the #DogAndPony chat to the #DogAndCats chat without checking with the hosts first, just as a courtesy.

 6. How can I help support the TweetChat?

You can support the chat by sending out Tweets to announce it to your followers.