# LeadWithGiants TweetChat

 # LeadWithGiants™ The TweetChat

TweetChat_Page_of_BlogEvery Monday at 7:00pm ET  (New York) you are invited to join the #LeadWithGiants TweetChat exclusively on Twitter.

Mission: Helping Leaders Become Better Leaders


♦ Connect ♦ Engage ♦ Serve ♦ Learn ♦ Lead


Anyone can join in!

Here’s the SCHEDULE.

If you are new to Tweet Chats here’s how to participate.

# LeadWithGiants™, The Hashtag

The # LeadWithGiants hashtag is a way for Twitter users to connect, learn, share, and make a difference in helping leaders become better leaders.

You can observe and join the discussion centered around the theme of LEADERSHIP and LIFE LESSONS by searching the #LeadWithGiants  hashtag on Twitter or a tool like TweetDeck.com (my favorite)
or http://twubs.com/leadwithgiants (Click the link to try it.)
or http://www.tchat.io/rooms/leadwithgiants (Click the link to try it.)

  • To observe and learn how to become a better leader just search Twitter anytime.
  • Read the FAQs <Click HERE
  • To contribute your own leadership & life-lesson themed Tweets, just include the #LeadWithGiants hashtag in your tweet.


Join The Lead With Giants Community:

Foremost # LeadWithGiants is part of the larger LeadWithGiants Community.  The community connects leaders across Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, and Facebook.  You can read more about the community and how to connect HERE

For Now:

Do two things….
          1) Go to Twitter and join the fun at #LeadWithGiants 
2) Join the LeadWithGiants Community.  Here’s How