Top Performers And Their Influence On Teams And Leadership

(A guest post by Iva Ignjatovic)

Leadership is all around us, or that’s what we think.

In a digital age of mass content production and social networks everyone has an opportunity to share an opinion, be a part of change and development, yet sometimes it seems as all we do is talking and not much doing.

The state of leadership is not much different; it’s a buzzword, a trendy topic we all like to discuss, and pitch in great new ideas how to make it better, but when it comes to reality things change at a much slower rate that we would like to. Even though leaders are not what the word suggests without other people’s support, many still treat people as assets, a stepping stone in their own personal careers. What comes to mind is: can we even name those leaders – leaders, if they do not know how, or don’t want to treat people as they should?

Business starts with people, business IS people

  • Dedicated, valuable employees mean successful business
  • Attracting, nurturing and keeping talented people is key to business growth and development
  • Providing support, recognizing potential, investing in team members is a strategic investment in company culture and in business

So how come, after all that we – globally – truly know about crucial link between people and business, so many business owners still look at people as a commodity; and why it’s so hard to recognize the practical need for cultivating the culture of top performers?

Maybe the problem lies in a vocabulary in a first place.

Perception is reality“ – Lee Atwater  

Even some good leaders mark their people as “assets”, saying how well they “manage” their employees; if we speak of people in terms of benefit, advantage, strength and not in terms of valuable, knowledgeable team members, how can we see in them human beings instead of a resource that wears off with time that is eventually exchanged for a new(er) model?

People are intricate part of every leadership so what can we do engage them, invest in them and their careers, work on their qualities and turn them into top performers?

Join us and answer those and some more questions during our next #LeadWithGiants chat, let’s see how business can truly thrive on the leadership – top performers relationship.


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Iva Ignjatovic is a marketing strategist and business development expert. She’s spent the last 16 years helping business owners manage their marketing, advertising, strategy, and social media. Her strength is bridging the gap between collecting data and connecting it to people.

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