The Best of Lead With Giants March 2014

Welcome to an exciting round-up of Leadership ideas and talent. Writers from the Lead With Giants Community were asked to submit their best post from the month of February. This monthly compilation serves to Advocate Uplifting Leadership And Change Lives by showcasing the leadership wisdom from our community. “The Best of Lead With Giants” is published on the first day of each month.

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Leadership That Loves: The connection between leadership and love by Zachary Jeans . A loving leader embeds love in every relationship, professional & personal.

The Trouble with Servant Leaders by Karin Hurt. Servant leaders spend so much time helping others they often don’t offer themselves the same level of compassion. A lively discussion of why they should. 

The good, the bad and the ugly of “I want it my way” by Chery Gegelman. And as I’ve considered previous workplaces, organizations I’ve worked with, communities I’ve been a part of, and even friends in struggling marriages… There is a consistent theme. People that operate with the My Way or The Highway Mentality are lonely bullies…

Why Leaders Need to Put On Suspenders by Mike Clevenger. For creativity to occur you must temporarily suspend thinking about rules, regulations,processes and the past and let your imagination run wild.  

Do You Recognize the 5 Early Warning Signs of Ineffective Leadership? by Martin Webster. Leadership in teams isn’t just about doing. It’s also about who we are. Use these early warning signs to change your beliefs, behaviours and personality.

Style … by John E. Smith. Effective leaders tell stories to teach and inspire. Here’s a few words about how to develop your ability to speak and write with impact.

Failure Is The Secret To Success by Giant Leap Coaching. It’s not failure that defeats us. It’s the fear of failure. Here’s how to turn failure into success.

Teacher’s Passion by JoAnn Delaney. I matter! 2 simple words that I was inspired to have my students chant from their heart after hearing Angela Maiers!

10 ‘Smart’ Easy Ways To Get Motivated Today by Cynthia Bazin. There are so many different ways to get motivated; you just need to find the right one for you, that will inspire you; get you to a place that you’ll be inspired and feel like you can take on the world in a day. Get motivated today!  

Scarcity Or Abundance by Tony Richards. People have conditioned themselves or have been conditioned to believe they can have either/or but they can’t have both.

I Have An Idea. So…Now What? by Tony Adams. A short reflection on the words of Nolan Bushnell, who reminds us of the power that comes from encouraging, nurturing and sharing an idea.

Bravery VS Bravado by Kimunya Mugo. “Only one man out of ten will finish strong,” notes Steve Farrar. This statistic came rushing in like an express train ‘whooshing’ past a small station. Was I being brave or was I displaying the classic symptoms of bravado?

Leadership for the planet, its people, and your profit by Al Gonzalez. In the traditional approach, social and environmental behaviors are nice to talk about, but if they get in the way of the quarterly goals, they tend to be put on the back burner.

Check Your Expectations At The Door by Claudio Morelli. Success is not defined by whether you meet your expectations, or by your bank account, or your position in the organization. It is defined by …

Invest in Your Relationship with 10 Key Beliefs by Mark Overton. 10 key beliefs that can help you reinforce a strong leadership foundation for future success.

The Cultural Shift from Me to We by Cheri Essner. There is a shift in thinking from “every man for himself” to a new paradigm of collaborating, even with our competitors. It is a buyer’s market with customer value leading the way. 

Are You Leading or Wandering? 3 Tips to Keep Your Leadership on Course by Randy Conley. It’s easy to think you’re leading your team down the right trail only to look up one day and find that you’re wandering with no one following behind. These three tips will help you keep your leadership journey on course.

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