The Best of Lead With Giants – June 2016

Welcome to an exciting round-up of Leadership ideas and talent. Writers from the Lead With Giants Community were asked to submit their best post from the month of May. This monthly compilation serves to Advocate Uplifting Leadership And Change Lives by showcasing the leadership wisdom from our community. “The Best of Lead With Giants” is published on the first day of each month.

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What’s The Impact When You “Put Down” Others? by Dan Forbes  This President wanted me to believe that she was a great leader. Instead, I got curious about this story she told.

The Problem With Motivating People by David Dye  One of David’s recent audience members asked him, “With regard to motivating people, are the carrot and stick dead?” David’s answer, and a fundamental truth about motivation, might surprise you.

Lessons From a Pancake House by Bob Tiede  Driving away from breakfast at my favorite pancake house I began to reflect on the questions that my waiter had asked me that morning and realized that although they were the rather routine questions that waiters and waitresses ask – they would also be terrific questions for Leaders to Ask their staff on a regular basis!

12 Exalting Phrases Good Leaders Share with Their Teams by Sean Glaze  Leaders have a tremendous impact on their organization, because the phrases they share with their teams can either produce distrust and apathy or ignite passion and commitment.

6 Ways To Stay Laser Focused For Your Best Productivity by Cynthia Bazin We all have busy lives in which we need to get a lot done in a day. Here are 6 laser focused ways to be productive each day!

Peak Position by Rita Jaskolla  This blog-post explains how you step-up on a mental wall of an Arena to get away from a trouble situation to keep cool and solve the problem.

25 Leadership Lessons And Quotes From Captain America: Civil War by Joseph Lalonde  With Civil War breaking out in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I break down the leadership lessons you can find in the new Captain America movie.

As May 2016 Looms by Mike Pouraryan  On remaining optimistic & hopeful.

3 Practical Strategies for Leading Virtual Teams by Randy Conley  Managing virtual team members adds an element of complexity to your leadership practice. Learn three key strategies that will set you and your virtual team members up for success.

Can Your Company be Counted on? by Ron McIntyre  Today we take a very casual view of keeping commitments in business and personal lives. This often leads to lack of respect, poor productivity and lost revenue. I try to highlight some points that can improve this for your company.

3 Ways We’re Failing Young Women Leaders by Rebel Brown  Less than 15% of young women leaders see the executive women in their organizations as good role models.What does that say about our ability to develop our next generation of women leaders?

Thinking Strategically by Takis Athanassiou  Thinking strategically is a crucial skill for every leader. Check here why.

CONQUERING HELL by Mark Minard  When all hell breaks loose, in business, leadership, & life…how to overcome!

Are you addicated to thinking? by Baz Gardner  Thinking is not the same as knowing. Create enough space to listen to your inner wisdom and take the courage to follow it.

Be 10 Times Better  by David Greer  Do you want to be 10 times better than your peers? Jim Collins and Morten T. Hansen show us what made companies and their leaders 10X better over decades in their book Great by Choice. My blog post documents the five key characteristics of these 10X leaders.

Run, Run, Run … Or Not  by John E. Smith  A short exploration about how we can be simply busy or be effectively productive.

Monastic Time Management by Greg Richardson  How well do we make time for what we desire and value most deeply? Are we wasting time on being productive when we could be accomplishing something more important?

Creating a Great Place to Work Will Attract the Right People  by Mark Deterding  In times of great growth it can get tempting to hire anyone who comes through the front door. It is very hard work to find values aligned employees, but it is worth the work and wait to have a team that is aligned with the values of the organization.

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