The Best of Lead with Giants -July 2014

Welcome to an exciting round-up of Leadership ideas and talent. Writers from the Lead With Giants Community were asked to submit their best post from the month of June. This monthly compilation serves to Advocate Uplifting Leadership And Change Lives by showcasing the leadership wisdom from our community. “The Best of Lead With Giants” is published on the first day of each month.

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10 Forces Fueling the Values-Based Leadership Movement by @Linda Fisher Thornton This post identifies powerful trends that are working together to fuel the movement toward leading with positive values.

Shifting Existing Realities by @Cheri Essner Companies are evolving to the new model; of a designed Workplace Culture that is value driven. If the “Kore” team at the top embodies these values it leaves room for creativity, emotion, analysis, design and implementation.

How Does Accountability Impact Business Execution? by @Dino Eliadis Accountability is one of the biggest challenges which leaders struggle when it comes to strategy execution. Read what it takes to implement a solid system of accountability for any organization!

What Is Your Leadership Foundation by @Charlee Hanna Leadership is more than having a plan and giving orders to execute the plan.

What is the Real Cost of Hiring? by @Ruth Schwartz What will you pay if you do your own hiring? What will most people charge to hire for you? We know a better way. 

Three Ways NOT To React To Negative Feedback by @Giant Leap Coaching When someone gives you feedback that reveals a weakness or behavioral problem on your part, how do you react? When someone is courageous enough to give us honest negative feedback we should receive it is a gift. 

Who’s in Charge…Jeckyll or Hyde? by @Lisa Manyoky This post uses a story about an athletic coach to emphasize the importance of a leader’s consistency in word and deed.

10 Maya Angelou Quotes that Inspire Success by @Michelle Held Maya Angelou’s words embodied lessons on living as well as life’s injustices. Her inspiring words taught courage, instilled hope and gave strength. 

6 Reasons You Need To Do Something That Scares You by @KayleneMatthews Fear holds you back from being your best, succeeding, growing and living life fully. Here are 6 Reasons you need to do something that you fear so you can become fearless in the process of becoming limitless.

6 Useful Methods to Help You Develop as a Strategic Leader by @Amanda Ryan Here are 6 strategic methods in which you can easily apply to your daily habits to help you become a better leader. 

How to Stop Burning Emotional Energy by @David Dye Today’s fast-paced business environment requires you to remain focused on what matters most. In this post, David shares a practical tool you can use to stop burning emotional energy, stay focused, and make sound decisions.

3 Fatherhood Thoughts for Leadership by @Kimunya Mugo Being a father has entrenched some deep passion for authentic leadership. It means looking beyond myself at all times and in every action I take. 

When your leadership focus is derailed by a squirrel! by @Chery Gegelman Have you ever lost your leadership focus? ….And forgotten (even for a short time) who you were serving?

3 Strategies for Overcoming Fear as a Leader by @Will Ratliff Every leader faces fear at one time or another. Here are 3 simple secrets to push past the fear and move forward in both your personal and professional life and work.  

Leadership or Manipulation? by @Steve Gannon I have come to believe that developing relationships for reasons other than actually caring about the people involved will not only fail to give us the desired results, it is also simply manipulation, and will be seen as such.

Getting Your Non-Profit Act Together by @John E. Smith Non-profit organizations face much the same challenges as for-profit organizations, but often lack the awareness or skill to design their communications to optimize the impact of fund-raising and awareness activities for their cause. Brian Sooy has written the book on how to change all this.

Leadership is Shaped Over Time by @Greg Richardson Over time, with experience, we will wear away what we think we know to reveal the leaders we can become. How is your leadership being shaped over time?  

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Cynthia has over 20 years of experience working in the corporate world. She ran investigation units for large corporations, was a Private Investigator and has a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology.  Cynthia is President of SmartChic. She works one-on-one mentoring women, does group programs, conducts workshops and is a motivational speaker. Learn more at

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