The Best of Lead With Giants – February 2016

Welcome to an exciting round-up of Leadership ideas and talent. Writers from the Lead With Giants Community were asked to submit their best post from the month of January. This monthly compilation serves to Advocate Uplifting Leadership And Change Lives by showcasing the leadership wisdom from our community. “The Best of Lead With Giants” is published on the first day of each month.

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What Would Einstein Do? The Key To Better Decision Making by @Dan Forbes Making better decisions should be a high priority goal for every leader. Bad decisions are costly and can sometimes take years to overcome — in life and in business. Leaders can make better decisions by asking these questions.

You Are A Leader … by @John E. Smith  A few thoughts about being a leader who serves, from a long time ago to right this very minute.

Finish Strong  by @AJ Borowsky  Running on my treadmill, preparing to run a half marathon, I realized my training to finish the race strong, had applications in life and business.

Your Business Idea: Should You Pursue It Or Dump It? by @Cynthia Bazin  It is the beginning of the year and so many of you have LOTS of ideas personally and professionally. Here are some of the questions I always ask myself and have my clients ask when they have a potential business idea.

One Quick Leadership Tip That Will Save You Weeks of Time by @David Dye  What do you do when your team didn’t hear what you think you said? This persistent leadership challenge causes endless headaches and damages teams. David shares a quick remedy that will save weeks of lost time.

CIP – Decisions in Action by @Rita Jaskolla  Our improvements (via learning) needs to be measured to be corrected and improved in a permanent way. This post is about the CIP philosophy!

My Three Leadership Values by @Daniel Buhr  “What are your top three leadership core values?” It was a thought provoking question and responding to it was a challenge for me.

3 Reasons You’re Struggling Growing Your Business  by Dino Eliadis  Having helped small business owners for more that 2 decades to growth their business, here are 3 things I commonly find them struggling with. Sometimes they are their own obstacle instead of something in their business!

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Cynthia has over 20 years of experience working in the corporate world. She ran investigation units for large corporations, was a Private Investigator and has a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology.  Cynthia is President of SmartChic. She works one-on-one mentoring women, does group programs, conducts workshops and is a motivational speaker. Learn more at

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