The Leadership Team

Meet the Lead With Giants Leadership Team

Dan Forbes WebDan Forbes, Founder. Join us in building the Lead With Giants Community across Google Plus, Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook.  If you like leadership, you’ll love Lead With Giants.


These leaders have committed themselves to Helping Leaders Become Better Leaders. They serve as advocates of Uplifting Leadership by serving and leading in the Lead With Giants Community.

(Here’s how you too can serve/lead in your Community.  Click HERE.)

The Lead With Giants Advisory Council 


Cynthia Bazin:  President of SmartChic: Cynthia offers premier mentoring services for women, focusing on inspiring and teaching others to take charge of their life by making smart decisions and doing what makes them happy in life. Cynthia is passionate about health and fitness and loves to spend quality time with friends and family. 

Cynthia manages The Best of Lead With Giants showcasing the best writing from our Lead With Giants bloggers.

Zachary Jeans
. Social Strategy Analyst for your time, team, & trade that is simple, mobile, & cloud for the emerging #SharingEconomy. I have been there and done that. Have had experiences in realities ranging from slinging coffee @ a 24hr Starbucks to planting church in Hawaii’s jungles. I’ve criss-crossed the country more times than I can count in a truck and love the people I’ve met along the way. Tech-interested, and socially dexterous. Jesus is my savior; I follow Him. 

Zachary is also Co-Host of the #LeadWithGiants Tweetchat the first Monday of each month.

Facebook Group Administrator: Susan Thorn –  Susan Thorn has been spreading her passion for health and wellness in the healthcare industry for more than 30 years. Her mission of personal empowerment through accountability in life, love, and leadership have risen out of her personal experiences in nursing, coaching others, and leadership.


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