How To Be A Valuable Community Member

Social Media is sometimes like the Wild Wild West.  A post, a tweet, a comment, a blog, an update, a status, a like, a share, etc.  On and on goes the opportunities to put yourself out there, to contribute, to bring value.  

Or, to be ignored.

Or, even worse, to be avoided.

Thank you for being part of the Lead With Giants Community.  It’s your community and it spans Linkedin, Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and Pinterest. Let’s build something special.  

Let’s connect and build a community that makes a difference.  Then let’s go beyond that and create a movement.  Let’s raise up 10,000 Uplifting Leaders And Change Lives.

This community is a safe place for you to find like-minded friends. It’s a place to connect, engage, serve, learn, and lead. 

How to engage on Social Media:

Google Plus Community: Discussion and engagement is he goal. If you post a link be sure to try to generate discussion with it. Post a question, join a discussion, share your insight and wisdom. Start a discussion, create a dialogue, engage fellow members in conversation.

Facebook Group: The #LeadWithGiants Facebook Group is a venue for LWG Members to share a more personal connection, playful banter, Celebrations, Life Events, Personal Posts, Photos, Quotes, etc. This is the place to have fun and make a very personal connection.

LinkedIn Group: Post a question, join a discussion, share your insight and wisdom. Start a discussion, create a dialogue, engage fellow members in conversation. If you post a link be sure to try to generate discussion with it.

Twitter: Join the #LeadWithGiants Tweetchat every Monday at 7:00pm ET.

How To Be A Valuable Community Member

Show up. The majority of members in a community like this are silent.  They observe. They hang out around the edges.  They read and learn.

Their silence doesn’t mean they don’t care.  They are the listeners and are to be admired for that.

That’s OK, if that’s all you want.  But if you want to be a “valuable” member, show up. Bring value to the community by being visible once in a while.  It doesn’t have to be every day. But I suggest more than once a week.

Contribute. Post something, but do more. Leave a comment on something someone else posted. Like something. Say something. You have wisdom within. Please share it with us. People love it when you comment on their contribution.  Share the love.

Don’t simply post a link to an article or blog post. Doing such is the lowest form of social media interaction.  It’s like trying to establish a relationship with your neighbor by throwing a newspaper in their yard. We can all find articles and blog posts to read on our own.  There are thousands published every day.  

If you feel it’s worthwhile to link to an article or blog post please let us know why.  What caught your interest? What’s the value to the community? How can we have a conversation about it?  That’s better. That adds value.

Please do NOT simply dump-and-run your latest blog post or article you found. It screams of, “Look at me,” “Share me,” “me, me, me.” Again, that’s of no value, or at best, low value.

Engage. Think of it like this. If you just moved into a new neighborhood you might visit around and introduce yourself to others. You might have a conversation about a mutually interesting topic or share a meal. You might play a round of golf together. The point is, you would find ways to connect with your neighbors around things in which they are interested. 

Social Media expert, Kim Garst, says, 

When someone talks to you in person, you don’t ignore them, do you? Under ordinary circumstances, when someone talks to you in real life, you respond. I am not sure why people think it is ok to not respond online. If you post something and someone responds…TALK BACK!  Show interest! Build rapport!

Seek to be Interested, rather than interesting.  Do you want people to be interested in you, or are you seeking to connect with others by being interested in them.  There’s a big difference.  The former will cause people to like you and enjoy interacting with you, the later will cause them to run away screaming. (Hey, you pick.)

Do not engage in self-promotion. The quickest way to subtract value from this community is to engage in self-promotion. If you aren’t sure if what you are doing is self-promotion or not, ask the community owner for feedback.

By the way, people have a way of seeing through veiled self-promotion. What’s veiled self-promotion? Self-promotion thinly disguised as something else.

No Sales. Please don’t use posts or comments to sell anything. Don’t even offer free stuff with the purpose of driving traffic to your web site. (See, that’s self promotion.)

If you have a book to sell, course to sell, or free e-book, consider adding that offer at the bottom of a blog post that adds value to the community.  That way, you’re offering something of value, before asking for something from us.

Lead With Giants does have an avenue for promotions. Please join our LinkedIn Group and use the “promotions” tab.

Stay on Topic. All posts and discussions in our community are leadership and/or personal development themed. Enough said.

Promoting Other Events. Please do not promote events to members other than Lead With Giants Events. This would include Radio Shows, Internet TV Shows, Conference Calls, Tweetchats, Google Plus Hangouts, etc.  In other words, only Lead With Giants created/sponsored events may be promoted within the community.

Promoting Other Communities. Please do not promote other Communities. As Martin Shervington says, “If people are all eating at a restaurant, having a good time, do you want the restaurant owners from next door arriving and drawing away their attention?”  

Do not use other community Hashtags, or share posts from other communities into Lead With Giants. In other words, no indirect or direct promotion of other communities, because it detracts from our Vision/Mission as each community has its own mission.

Etiquette.  There is no book of Social Media etiquette as far as I know.  One guideline is never promote one Community inside another Community or TweetChat without first clearing it with the other Leader. Collaboration and cooperation between TweetChat Hosts and Community Leaders is welcomed. Collaboration requires communication. So, if you are interested in cooperation and collaboration, let’s talk about it.

Have Fun. Our Community is a place for you to connect, engage, and have fun with others. It’s also a place to serve, learn, and Lead.  It’s an Uplifting place that inspires and mentors leaders to become better leaders.

Simply show respect, be kind, be interested in others, add value, and have fun.

Let’s build a caring, compassionate community focused on uplifting leadership. Your help is appreciated and welcomed! Lead on. 

If in doubt about any of these guidelines please contact Dan Forbes BEFORE posting.  Thanks.