#LeadWithGiants Co-Host Instructions

I am excited about your interest in being a guest in the #LeadWithGiants Tweet chat. It will be a lot of fun and a great learning experience for us all.

STEP ONE: If you are new to TweetChats you might want to read these FAQs <Click The #LeadWithGiants TweetChat is currently producing over 5 million “timeline deliveries” of tweets. WOW!

STEP TWO: Look for available open dates on the SCHEDULE <Click. 

STEP THREE: Send me an email with your proposed date and a topic idea.  Use danvforbes@gmail.com

Once your topic and date is approved you will want to adhere to the preparation time-line below.

Time-line for Guests 

Each week I time-block a certain time for my preparation. It’s important that YOU stay on schedule so that I don’t get off schedule. If deadlines are missed it may require rescheduling of your co-hosting.  Please stay on schedule.

  • 3 Weeks+ Before: Finalize your idea for your Chat topic and start thinking of suggested TweetChat questions
  • 2 Weeks Before: Submit your ideas for at least 15 suggested TweetChat Questions. We’ll narrow those down to 10. 
  • 10 Days Before (Friday): Optional> Send a framing blog post to danvforbes@gmail.com to be published on LeadWithGiants.com (This is optional, but highly recommended.)
  • 3 Days Before Chat (Friday): Optional> If you don’t submit a post as described above, consider publishing a framing Post on your blog/web site about the topic of the chat with a link back to this page: http://www.leadwithgiants.com/leadwithgiants/ for readers to get more details about the Tweet chat.  
  • (IMPORTANT: You cannot duplicate the posts as Google punishes duplicated content)
  • Day of Chat, Monday 7:00pm ET (New York time): Arrive early and be ready (see below)

In preparation for the chat:

1. Please consider a guest post on LeadWithGiants.com or publishing a framing post on your blog/web site.  I recommend 500-1500 words maximum aligned with the TweetChat topic. It should basically “frame” the discussion topic for the Tweetchat.  It can be general in nature, but should somehow relate to the Tweetchat topic. 

2. Create a list of at least 15 potential tweetchat questions.  We will work together to narrow the list down to 10 questions for the tweetchat. Keep them open ended, thought-provoking, insightful, fun, engaging, stretching, and out-side-the-box.

3. If you are an author and I’ve agreed to allow you to promote your book, I’ll suggest a few questions to help you introduce yourself and your book at the beginning of the TweetChat.  We’ll spend about 5 minutes with this introduction and then move into the regular Q&A TweetChat with everyone. 

4. IMPORTANT: Keep all of your tweets to no more than 118 characters.  Leave room for the #LeadWithGiants hashtag, question number (Q1), and for a “RT”. 

Here’s a character counter to help. 

5. You may want to come up with some tweet answers prior to the chat.  I don’t recommend “canned” answers, but some forethought is fine. You will most likely want to enjoy the spontaneity of the moment.

Important: I suggest that you keep your answers short enough for others to RT and add a word or two. 

6. During the TweetChat plan to re-tweet some of the other people’s tweets.  a re-tweet says, “I agree with you.” Do NOT send out over 100 Tweets during the hour or Twitter will lock you out.

Remember that every tweet needs to have the hashtag #LeadWithGiants

7. Arrive 15-20 minutes ahead of the chat and be ready to start on time.  I prefer to use the TweetDeck Chrome App as a chat tool.  Some are using http://twubs.com/leadwithgiants or http://tweetchat.com

8. Book give-away. Most authors provide 3-4 copies of their book to be given away as a prize in promoting the TweetChat. It’s up to you, but it’s a nice touch.

9. Guests do NOT Tweet out the Questions.  This is the responsibility of the chat HOST.

10. Take a look at the Transcripts from past chats to get the feel for how a tweetchat works.