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Lead With Giants is dedicated to helping leaders connect, engage, serve, learn, and lead.

The inspiration for the name is this quote by Sir Isaac Newton, "If I have seen farther than others, it is because I was standing on the shoulder of giants."


The Vision of the Lead With Giants Community is to create a movement of 10,000 leaders who pledge to be UpLifting Leaders.


Our MISSION is "Helping Leaders Become Better Leaders."

We invite you to join with other Leaders who desire to be part of this movement by taking the pledge to be an UpLifting Leader and joining our community on Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, and Facebook.

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Blog Authors

Cynthia BazinCynthia Bazin
Cynthia Bazin, President of SmartChic: Cynthia offers premier mentoring services for women, focusing on inspiring and teaching others to take charge of their life by making smart decisions and doing what makes them happy in life. Cynthia is passionate about health and fitness and loves to spend quality time with friends and family.
Dan ForbesDan Forbes
Leadership/Executive Coach, Consultant, and Advisor. Founder of the Lead With Giants™ Community and the #LeadWithGiants™ Tweet Chat. I love to Connect, Engage, Serve, Learn, and Lead. Please find me on Twitter @DanVForbes or at
Michelle HeldMichelle Held
Michelle Held is an entrepreneur that works with organizations to develop an overall marketing strategy from management, IT, and public relations. Michelle manages and produces content for her clients’ official presence on targeted social plus traditional media platforms to ensure it aligns with their overall business strategy. Her specialty is working in the nonprofit sector.
Zachary JeansZachary Jeans
Facilitating Conversations Around Leadership, Social, Mobile & Cloud with a passion for NonProfits • Strategist • #LeadWithGiants Co-Host • I follow Jesus Website: Twitter: @ZacharyJeans
Christina LattimerChristina Lattimer
I help leaders develop self- mastery, helping them to become confident in their own inner guidance. I collaborate with leadership experts, managers and HR professionals to help them get their own message and unique services and products to a wide audience.
Lew RhodesLew Rhodes
Lewis Rhodes is a Lieutenant Colonel in the Marine Corps Reserves who has multiple combat tours to Iraq and Afghanistan.